Control Systems to Meet Your Needs and Specifications Purchase EG software and hardware solutions in a package, or work with our design engineering team to modify these products to build a system designed exclusively for you. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) SystemsMunicipal Pumping Stations ( freshwater or wastewater)Process Control SystemsSCADA Control Systems PLC based Control Systems with local control and remote monitoring, using any of the following EG products:LSC-C-200 (duplex)/300 (triplex) for constant speed applicationsLSC-V-200 (duplex)/300 (triplex) for variable speed applicationsBSC-V-T-200 (duplex)/300 (triplex) for booster applicationsPump Station Director (PSD) PC based Control Systems with remote monitoring and managementWeb based Information Access SystemsOperator Machine Interface (OMI) SoftwareCommunications Software and HardwareComplete Turnkey Control Solutions 

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*System Design Including Conceptual Design /  Needs Assessment

*Future Planning Assistance  Including Specification Writing

*Equipment Optimization

*Budget Preparation / Cost Estimating

*Panel Engineering / Production

*Training and  Technical Support, Including Onsite field Installation

*Start Up Services

*Customized Technical Manuals